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We are proud to be an Authorized Distributor throughout Oregon, Washington & Alaska for the following Companies and products.

Mark VII

Mark VII

Aqua Spray Belanger


Belanger Tunnel
  • Friction Tunnels with New DuraTrans Conveyor & Quick Fire Wraps
  • Insta-Kleen Tunnels for Car Dealers & Rental Car Agencies
  • V-Max Touchless Truck Washes
J.E. Adams

J.E. Adams

  • Vacuums (All Styles with the latest in CC Acceptance)
  • Air Water Machines

Unitec Electronics

  • Teller Systems for In-Bay, Self-Serve & Tunnels
  • Wash Select II POS
  • Portal TI
  • VIP Wash Card Marketing

New Wave Industries

  • Purclean Spot Free Rinse Systems 
  • Purclean Water Reclaim Systems
  • Reclaim Odor Control Systems
Royal Building Products

Royal Building Products

The Royal RENEW Paneling System™ is composed of a series of durable, lightweight panels (3/4"thickness) that fasten directly to an existing wall using a series of joiners. Panel sections can also be used as a ceiling. The Royal RENEW system is flexible and easy to install using a wide range of optional accessories and trim components.

  • Specifically designed for the interior of a car wash built using conventional CMU construction
  • Rigid panels come in a variety of standard lengths and are easy to install
  • Superior long-term performance compared to fiber-reinforced panels (FRP) or fiberglass spray
  • Withstands the harsh chemical environment of a car wash
  • Brightens inte rior appearance of the building
  • Panels will not warp, rust or corrode and never need to be painted
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Can also be used for the ceiling of a car wash building repeated above
  • Available in white


We offer FREE DELIVERY of our Full Line of CSI "Lustra", "DynaEdge", & "Aqua Blue" Chemicals to Oregon, Washington & Alaska.



Sample Menu

  • Presoaks & Detergents
  • Wheel Cleaners
  • Tire Cleaners
  • Foaming Polishes & Conditioners
  • Sealants & Drying Agents
  • Specialty & Detailing Products
  • Wall Cleaners
  • Spectrum Self-Serve Products
  • Lustra Marketing (Banners, Pump Toppers, Menu Boards, Lighted Signs, ect..)
  • Lustra Arch with "Lustra Shield"


  • DynaEdge Truck, Train & Plane Chemicals

Dynaedge products are the leader in commercial cleaning.  Whether it's planes, trains or buses, dynaedge products deliver the highest cleaning quality without using harmful acids.  Please contact us toll free to set up your FREE product testing.  We have no doubt that you'll find the Dynaedge product line to be the best for your commercial needs!

Aqua Blue

  • Oil Free, Water Based, Hydraulic Fluid
  • Biodegradable
  • High Performace, Capable of High Pressure up to 2000 psi.
  • All Season Usage (From -33F - 130+F)
  • Cleans Hydraulic Lines & Moto rs as it flows
  • Does not Produce Sludge

For More Information on our complete line of chemicals, please call toll free (800) 998-7767